Always on the look-out for innovation and after years of painting by traditional methods, in 2008 Jean-Pierre DAUSSET discovered the graphics tablet. Once he had discovered it, it seemed an obvious tool to use.
He was able to transfer his "painting" skills to digital technology by the same process, in other words: under-layers, layers, erasures, transparencies.  With incomparable possibilities: colour adjustments, choice of medium and format.

"My work begins with a series of drawings based on screen shots, press photographs and the like; choice is arbitrary and is dictated by a feeling for what will produce an image, which works. There is a delay before I start painting; this delay is essential, it is added after the image is drawn to correct or even exaggerate. This becomes a place for contexts, gambles, chance, de-construction, hypotheses, which must continually be re-worked. I find the connections between history and digital technology an interesting source for making shot-gun marriages between traditional painting and the mysteries of software.”

In this way a young woman from the city can rub shoulders with Goya's Countess of Chinchon or two gallery owners at the  International Fair of Contemporary Art (FIAC) confront Piero della Francesca*. Juxtapositions which offer idiosyncratic pictorial possibilities of including the history of art without canvas or paint, but with brushes loaded with pixels.


* D 29 4 2015 - D 16 11 2014

D 10 1 2017.9E
D 12 1 2017.8E
D 21 11 2016.F2
D 15 12 2016.E
D 15 11 2016.F5psd
D 8 11 2016.2
D 5 10 2016 A4
 D 19 10 2016 E2 - copie
 D 18 10 2016.V3.  2
D-20-4-2016-1E - copie
D-4-4-2016.E1 - copie
D-9-2-2016 - copie
Le-déjeuner - copie 4
D-3-2-2016 2